What exactly is a psychologist?

There are many different types of psychologists, in fact 56 different classes or types of psychologists exist. The term applied or research are the most common. Applied meaning working in some type of talk therapy situation, whether it be assessment or private practice and reseraching meaning data reserach or market research generaly.

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Most people think of psychologists as someone they can go and talk to similar to a counsellor and refer to in their mind as a Freud like figure with a beard and goofy glasses. However corporate psychologists and researches are now the vast majority of the psychology job market. The corporate world has definatly paid attention to the imprtance of understanding the human brain in sales and marketing. A psychologist is no longer the typical Freud like figure.

Psychologist training

A psychologist has to of finished a university degree and medicare and the Australian goverment have extremely strict rules and codes on who can become a psychologist and what training they must have completed. Psychology was a fairly easy course to get into but as the market has been flooded with psychologists universities have tightened up the entry level and now it is extremely competitive. This can be looked at as extremely encouraging as Australia will soon be blessed with the best minds in the country enetring the market.

Clinical psychology

Clinical psychologists have extra training than normal registered psychologists, the majority of their extra training is in assesment. This can give a false impression that a clinical psychologist has more talk therapy skills. This is not true and we are seeing more and more clinical psychologists absolutly fail in private practice talk therapy one on one counselling. Just because a therapist has a Dr as a title does not mean they have good talk therapy skills, assesment is considered the riskiest type of psychology as it can so easily be got wrong.

Is a counsellor a psychologist?

No generaly a counsellor is not a psychologist, however most counsellors will posses far greater talk therapy skills than most clinical psychologisrts. A counsellor has usually been to colleague and not attened university. Their training is heavily focused on practical talk therapy models and their training is not based on assesment. Often most counsellors are required to have done some type of their own therapy. A counsellor generally will poses far greater private practice skills than a clinical psychologist. A lot of registered psychologists and very few clinical psychologists have completed counselling training and even fewer clinical psychologists have done their own therapy.


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