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A psychologist is someone who has finished a university degree and generally has a keen interest in mental health and how the mind a brain thinks. Most talk therapist experts are psychologist however another type of talk therapy expert is called a counsellor. Generally a counsellor has not been to university but has attended tafe or collauge. Psychotherapist are great and are very similar to psychologists however also have not been to university. A psychologist will have generally practised in many different areas befor they decide to work in private practice doing one on one therapy.

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 Different types of psychologists

It is always good to check if your therapist has done their own therapy before engaging in therapy. It is no secret amongst health professionals that a psychologist that has had thier own therapy or is doing their own therapy generally gives better service and can create for better client outcome than someone who hasn’y engaged in personal recovery.

The importance of a psychologits doing there own therapy

Not saying all therapists are damged or they need therapy because they are mentally ill, but rather it is enourmas in their understanding to know what the client is going through and how they may feel in the room. A good mental health practitioner will understand how the patient may feel, they have not only done the study but they understand the process because they have been through it. Freud invented psychotherapy by large and was an early crusader.

Pioneers of psychotherapy

Their have been many others to progress psychotherapy such as carl Yung, Carl Rogers and many more. There are roughly one hundred and seventy six different types of therapies a psychologist can draw from. CBT , Interpersonal therapy, Gestalt, mindfullness ECT, DBT , art therapy , empty chair and many many more. A counsellor should always be willing to learn as many different styles of therapy as possible as everyone is different. A psychologist is different to a psychiatrist and can not perscribe medicine. A counsellor also can not perform many tasks a psychiatrist can like medication, diagnosis and so forth.