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Finding a psychologist in Mosman

At Amber Mordaunt psychology we pride ourselves on being experts at finding the right psychologist for your needs. When you first book in to our Mosman office we will ask you several questions on the phone so your treating psychologist will have some history about you. These questions are not meant to make you feel uncomfortable, they help your treating psychologist know a little about you before your first session. A Mosmanpsychologist can help.

Do i need a GP referral before i see a psychologist ?

No you do not need a referral to see a psychologist, however if you would like to claim the session on medicare you will need your GP to write a refferal known as a mental health care plan. The plan allows for 10 sessions per year. At our Mosman location we have a GP on site that can write a referral.

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are the two most common mental health conditions in the world. Most people feel down sometimes or feel anxious at one point, it is when these feeling interupt your day to day living it becomes a problem. Research clearly suggests that the best treatment for anxiety and depression is psychotherapy and for severe cases psychotherapy and medication.

How long will i need therapy?

The duration of therapy dramaticaly varies from person to person. Within the first three sessions your psychologist at Mosman will give you a rough estimate of duration of therapy required. Sometimes therapy can go on for years and in some cases weeks. If your psychologist recommends long term therapy don’t be alarmed, many people in Australia do long term therapy and see their psychologist once a month, couple of times a year or more frequently. It really depends on your situation, condition and other factors at Amber Mordaunt Psychology we aim to bring you to a place of happiness. Feel free to call at anytime to discuss a booking at our Mosman office.