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We aravailablele for mediumistic readings by private appointment. They also offer a number of free services for people in need.

We give free help to the severely bereaved. Invited guests are selected from the general public and are given substantial proof that life contiunies beyond the grave. Craig and his mediums will link to the spirit for you. If you have lost a loved one you are welcome to apply.

More of  our work with charity, spiritual healing and consultations is found here.TV Psychics Psychic television

Love is the path. Start the day with love. Spend the day with Love.
Fill the day with Love. End the day with Love. This is the way to God.


We fund a free online community called Delphi where they work together with many other volunteers to give online proof of life after death. Everyone that works on this project does so on a voluntary basis. In the public area of Delphi is offered emotional support via the free chat rooms. Here free mediumistic readings are availble online. Our community also includes free forums where people can post questions about issues that worry them. Aproximately once a month a free online Spiritualist Service is held in Delphi which includes online talks, meditations and demostrations of mediumship.
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We run a Spiritual group called “The Circle of Light” that meets regularly to help young people to develop into mediums. Craig’s circles have been running 15 years and there is no charge other than sharing the cost of the venue. The latest group was filmed as part of a BBC documentrary about mediumship. The Circle of Light has progressed now and many of the participants are fully developed mediums. Some meetings also include deep trace who says: “I believe that the development of spiritual powers is just one of the group’s goals. Behind these gifts lies something of much greater value, and that is God Realisation.”


For bereaved people who cannot afford a fee, Craig offers the opportunity to be a guest at “The Circle of Light”. This is currently held in Eastleigh, Hampshire UK. The Circle of Light is an advanced group and his mediums give clear evidence of survival. It is a non-profit event and places are reserved for people with good intent and a pressing need to know that life goes on after death. To apply to be the guest at the group you will need to complete the online form.
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For many years we never charged for their private readings. Both had incomes from their careers – as a SEN psychiatric nurse and we as the MD of our own advertising agency. At one point, we had 14 employee’s to manage with pressing deadlines from his clients that included Zurich Life, MGM Assurance, Esso Petroleum, and British Airways. The money was rolling in and they were set on a very affluent course but the time needed for spiritual work was running short.

Fifteen years ago, we abandoned the corporate world and closed down his thriving business to follow a spiritual path. We substantially reduced their material needs, sold their Jaguar cars and sacrificed many of their assets to now rely on the very limited income. The forces driving them to live a spiritual life brought the couple some very hard financial times indeed.

Now things are different but may people are still quick to judge and say that mediums should not charge. But if we had not made this career choice, it would mean that there would be no inspired books, no TV shows, no website comminity, no psychic school, and a great many people would still not have the comforting proof that life is eternal.


We do limited consultations by private appointmentThey also give readings for small groups who can share the costs of a hotel venue. Private consultations with Jane are held at their home in Eastleigh Hampshire, Craig works from a Therapy Centre. Because of the exhausting nature of mediumship, it is only possible to accept a few readings a week and there is ineviatably a waiting list. However, rather than book months or years in advan,ce the mediums consider the applications once a week. You are welcome to re-apply if you do not hear from them on the first attempt.

You can book via the online readings website where you can also find out about other recommended psychics and mediums who are availble now.