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Sydney Northern Beaches

We now have several location on the beautiful Northern Beaches Sydney. If your living locally you now no longer have to drive from one end to the other to visit your psychologist.

  • Dee Why
  • Newport
  • Frenchs Forest

With a fourth location to be opening shortly.

With an estimated population of over three hundred thousand people the Northern Beaches is an ideal blend of city living with beautiful surf and beaches.

Over 20 years local

We have been living localy for over twenty years and love the area. We feel a sense of responsibility in making sure if locals need help, giving them the help they may need. Originally from Manly Northern Beaches we were able to enjoy the beautiful local surroundings and we want to be able to help others enjoy this unique lifestyle.

Some Hystory of the Northern Beaches

Northern Beaches was originally given it’s name by Sir Captain cook who discovered Australia. He was an adevnturer and one of the early peacekeeps in the world. He was famously speared by an aboriginal in Manly NSW Sydney Australia. The term Northern Beaches was used by his crew when they arrived in Sydney Harbour. Originally a spot for settlement had been planned but once the fleet arrived the ground was deemed not good for farming. The Northern Beaches psychologists also have the best reputation in the world.



psychologist dee why

Upon realising they needed better ground they sailed around Sydney Harbour for many hours and days in an effort to find more farmable land to inhabbit.

Life back then was not as it was today the first explorers found themselves with literally no wind and stuck in the harbour going no where for several days. It was a extremely hard 3 weeks all they could see was beaches to the north and they longed to get a shore and back on land. They adventually landed in Dee Why which is on the northern beaches and the term came from looking ahead which was north and seeing the beach. The population is roughly three hundred thousand people and represents about six to seven percent of the Sydney population and about three percent of Australias population. It is a beautiful area and to date has a very low crime rate. To live their is expensive and is now considered one of the most expensive areas in the world. Sydney housing market has dramatically increased with the northern beaches considered umongst the most expensive areas in the city and country. Living and working in the beautiful beaches of Sydney is an amazing experience and to not have a happu fullfiling life here is a shame. Reach out to a psychoogist a psychologist can and will help.