Northern Beaches Therapy For 15 Years

The Northern Beaches For Over 15 Years

It has been an amzing journey working in mental health and we have been lucky enough to do it in one of the most beautiful spot in the world.

With mental health awarness on the increase it has been an amazing process of seeing the industry change. Since the introduction of medicare rebates for seeing a therapist sometimes the public get the misconeption that therapy is short. Medicare covers now 10 sessions, once upon a time there was no medicare rebate and people naturally knew therapy could potentialy be long.

If your not sure weather your treatment should be long or short it is a great idea to talk to your therapist about and get some information about recommended duration for the condition you may have.

Some of the best research around suggest 15-20 session for moderate depression 12-15 for moderate anxiety. If medicare only covers 10 sessions why is it recommended you do more?

This is a great question and since the introduction of health care covered therapy has caused some really good debates. Some suggest it is financial others suggest it is a push towards solid research and CBT (a form of short term therapy). Whatever side of the fence the argument is it is undeniable that a lot of cases simply are not fixed in ten sessions.

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