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Psychologist Newport

A psychologist is someone who has been to university and finished a degree, there are all types of psychologists from researches, corporate psychologist and so on. Generaly a talk therapy psychologist has had experience in either hospitals, corporate EAP or some other field. At Newport we are located in a general practitioner surgey and will hapilly liase with your GP should you need it.

Newport Counselling

Counselling can be a life changing experience and we highly recommend speaking to your general practitioner
first and getting a refferal. Once a referral is given you are then able to claim the session with medicare.

What does Amber Mordaunt Psychology Newport specialise in?

At Amber Mordaunt psychology Newport we specialise in many mental health conditions. Our main areas of expertise are severe depression, severe anxiety, mid life crisis and much more. If you are suffering there is no need to suffer in silence a psychologist can help.