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Mosman is a a suburb near the northern beaches in Sydney Australia. The area was first founded and settled in 1818. Mosman is located 8 kilometres from Sydney CBD and is one of the most expensive areas in Australia. Mosman is home to some of the wealthiest people in the country and is thought and known as a rich area. The beaches in and around MosmanPNB¬†are beautiful. It is a highly considered place to live. Mosman’s local council has been an everlasting point of debate with many incidents eventually making it to the paper with fights, drunkeness and much tom foolery. This has been the case for Mosman since 1987 has still to date has not changed.

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Mosman Weather

Mosman has an extremely good climate and enjoys good weather nearly all year around. The average rain fall is 400 ml in the winter and 250 ml in the summer.

Mosman Hystory- Mosman is named after Sir Archibold Mosman who lived from 1799-1867 which in those days was an extremely long life. He also discovered Mosman bay in which after his death they named after him


Mosman is located on a peak near the northern beaches peninsula and has amazing views of Sydney Harbour, the amazing views are what are thought to have originally attracted the extremely wealthy population to the area. Mosman has been famous for it’s beautiful restauraunts, views and local council scandals. Schools in Mosman are the most expensicve schools to attend in the whole of Australia. Mosman high is the only state sponsored school in the area the rest are private.