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Individual Therapy With A Psychologist

Individual therapy is basically where you and a psychologist spend time one on one talking about your problems situation or anything that comes to mind. A psychologist is there to hear your thoughts, understand your feelings and help you come to a place where you can assess for yourself the best option of choice for your situation.

The benefits of therapy

The main benefit of individual therapy is one on one time in a place and situation where you can be completely honest and not have the worry of anyone finding out what has been said. A psychologist is bound by law to not discuss anything that has been said and are not allowed to legally disclose anything that has been said to anyone without your direct consent and permission. The only time her or she may discuss your case is if the courts have subpeonared your files or if you are at harm of seriously hurting yourself.

The negayives of one on one counselling

The main negative of individual therapy is if you can not afford the therapy or if you don’t actually like your psychologist. A good psychologist is someone who encourages openess and who can directly assess if your feeling uncomfortable about something and help you get comfortable about the situation. Increasing the openess can often prevent these issues from ending therapy with a psychologist prematurly.

What other types of therapy are there

There are many types of other therapy, including group therapy and family therapy. There are also many forms of therapy available like C.B.T – interpersonal – psychodynamic DBT etc. There are roughly 176 noted and researched forms of therapy. With many not backed by a lot of reserach.