Help For Depression

Help For Depression

Fundamental Information On Depression

This article provides some basic information on depression that you need to know. There are many aspects to depression which is a form of illness of the mind and is a mood disorder as well as a very common psychological problem that affects almost each and every person, either through personal experience or when a close friend or family member is affected by it. According to available information on depression, it is believed that more than 17 million American adults each year have been through clinical depression and the cost in terms of human suffering is beyond quantifiable measurements.

Information on depression suggests that depression may cause interference in a person’s normal functioning and affects them at work as well as in social and family situations. It is a painful experience both for the patient as well as for close relatives and friends and serious depression may result in the destruction of family life as well as that of the person affected.

As more information on depression becomes available, it shows how depression can impact a person by causing a lot of emotional pain and disrupting the lives of millions of people. There is also reduction in work productivity and some amount of absenteeism and it also adversely affects family and close friends. The more information on depression one obtains, the plainer it will become that depression is a psychological condition which results in changing the way the patient thinks and feels which also affects their social behavior and physical health.

Merely feeling sad is not a sign of depression and nor is the tiredness felt after a hard day’s work or feeling discouraged when confronted with a serious problem. According to information on depression, it is the intensification, lingering on as well as interference with normal work that may be thought of as being depression.

Depression may touch anyone but after being identified, the diagnosed person can be successfully treated and can recognize what depression is; this is a first step to treating it. Unfortunately, due to the lack of correct information on depression, many people are unable to recognize the symptoms, symptoms may be disabling and so prevents the patient from reaching out for help and also, sometimes symptoms can be wrongly diagnosed. In addition, often individual symptoms are treated instead of treating the root cause.

As such, it is the aim of this website to provide the right information on depression and the necessary support to help one with depression to recover from it.


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