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Frenchs Forest

Frenchs Forest is a suburb in Sydney

Frenchs forest is a beautiful suburb located in Sydney NSW Australia, it is a very leafy suburb with lots of lush green scenery. In visiting Frenchs Forest it looks like a small iscolated suburb where in fact it is rapidly becoming a gateway suburb between Sydneys beautiful Northern Beaches and the city. Giving the locals a great place to live.


The population of Frenchs Forest is roughly 14,000 and growing. The suburb consists of mostly family’s and is considered a family friendly place to live. There is many sporting activities for children and families to participate in. Roughly 20% of the population is elderly.


The climate in Frenchs Forest is great mild winters and warm summer makes it the ideal place to live. There is roughly 800 millimetres of rain every year in Frenchs Forest with great temperatures this is one of the most ideal climates in the world.


There are plenty of schools in the local area both public and private. It is not hard to get your child enrolled at a school in the local area however pre-school in the area is seriously underfunded and there is much difficulty in enrolloing your child. It is a great idea to enroll children 2 years prior to starting pre-school as the waiting lists are ver long.


There are great shops and local ammenaties in the local area sych as Forest Way shops and Skyline shopping centre.


The new hospital at Warringah Rd is costing the government roughly 500$million dollars and will be one of the largest and most modern hospitals in Sydney if not Australia. The new inclusion of this hospital to the local area has seen property sky rocket to which last years growth is roughly 30% increase in value.