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Anxiety and trauma counselling Sydney

Sometimes finding a specialist in a certain field can be hard Stephen specialises in Trauma & Sydney Anxiety Counselling …… Stephen also specialises in sexual abuse trauma which can be extremely confronting to acquire around for the right person. Step… If you are suffering from anxiety and are located in the CBD of Sydney Stephen Moore is an amazing therapist with a great attitude and a great heart. If you have tried therapy vefore and it did not work for you we highly recommend seeing Stephen at Inner Strength Therapy. To find out more please feel free to contact us directly or speak to Stephen in private.

Suffering from anxiety?

Roughly 5% of the Australian population suffer from anxiety and it is now such a common issue that receiving therapy is great and widely accepted by the general public.

Common Symptoms

Some common symptoms of anxiety are shallow breathing pains in the stomach, trouble concentrating, trouble doing your daily tasks. This is just a few, if your symptoms of anxiety are sever we recommend seeing your GP or local hospital immediatly. Psychotherapy is simply the best for of treatment for anxiety research clearly points towards the use of psychotherapy being the most effective form of therapy available that one can have. Physical exercise and medication are thought to be as effective in conjuction with therapy.


Anxiety has been heavily researched and is the most highly researched form of mental illness. People have been suffering from anxiety since the stone ages if you are suffering you are not alone.

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