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Craig and Jane were the first psychic mediums to successfully demonstrate clairvoyance on mainstream UK Television. Their psychic TV work has included the Spirit of Princess Diana Seance that, according to a report in the Guardian, was seen by 30 million viewers world-wide. Craig and Jane were the resident psychics for Channel 4 TV’s ‘The Big Breakfast’ and stars of a major BBC series Talking to the Dead.

Psychics Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker’s TV work takes them all over the world. Researchers & Producers are welcome to contact Craig to discuss new programme ideas or PRprojects. 
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“Never before has there been a husband and wife psychic team that can work with such astonishing accuracy.” Paul Sherrat, Associated American Television


Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker are pioneers of Psychic Television. They were the first to demonstrate mediumship on British TV which until very recently was hampered by what was the ITC. The ITC forbade mediumistic demonstrations which were classed as ‘occult necromancy’.

Fortunately, things have changed and in this more tolerant age, mediumship is permitted on cable TV and now more so on mainstream TV.


Craig and Jane have many years of experience talking about psychic gifts and demonstrating them, to camera. They are both demonstrators and presenters. They have had a great many appearances on top programmes around the world but, as yet, have not had their own show.

The tide has turned to allow more mediumistic and psychic programming and the public are hungry for more. Perhaps it’s time you discovered Craig & Jane… before someone else does!


Craig & Jane are a family orientated, married couple and believe in the importance and sanctity of the family – some of their relations are also mediums and so too some of their children. The Daily Mail dubbed them: ‘The Psychic Family’

Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker are intelligent, have bubbly personalities, are not camera shy. They have worked in the UK and around the world and particularly in America. They have been working with paranormal programming for many years and were two of the first mediums to bring this sort of programming to mainstream TV. They can talk intelligently about Ghost Hunting, Dreams, and the Paranormal. Craig also runs an Psychic School and teaches young people to develop their psychic abilities.

Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker have also worked with investigative programming hunting down ghosts, revealing the source of legends and enjoy working with archaeologists and the police.


Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker first made their name on the UK morning programme ‘The Big Breakfast’. They appeared from week 1 and had a year-long weekly spot predicting ‘Next Week’s News Today’ with Paula Yates as their anchorperson.

The limitations of the ITC rulings meant that for a long time Craig and Jane were only able to do entertainment programming including chat shows, debates, and challenges. They have given demonstrations – sometimes on live TV- of telepathy, clairvoyance, psychometry and mediumship. Sometimes it goes wrong- such as the hilarious antics with psychic pets on live TV, but Craig and Jane are professional people and can turn a potential disaster into good TV.
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Recently Craig and Jane were the subject of a three part documentary for the BBC Everyman documentaries which showcased Craig & Jane’s work as mediums. They also followed the progress of students at Craig’s Psychic School. This was an investigative programme which asked whether Craig and Jane’s work comforts the bereaved or tells people what they want to hear in troubled times. On balance, Craig and Jane were shown to work with integrity and give very accurate proof that life continues beyond the grave.
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Craig and Jane have worked with TV channels from around the world with special programmes made for Iceland, Greece, France, Australia, Canada and South Korea. They have done a lot of TV work for American TV and were trusted to be the mediums to do the live TV seance to contact the Spirit of Princess Diana. The programme was seen by 30 million people worldwide and now has its own website. Click the image to see some of the press reports.