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Find a psychologist in Dee Why

At Amber Mordaunt psychology we pride ourselves on being experts at finding the right psychologist for your needs. When you first book in to our Mosman office we will ask you several questions on the phone so your treating psychologist will have some history about you. These questions are not meant to make you feel uncomfortable, they help your treating psychologist know a little about you before your first session. A Dee Why psychologist can help.

GP referral before i see a psychologist ?

You do not need a GP refferal before seeing a psychologist. To claim a medicare rebate you will need a refferal from your doctor. The referral is called a mental healthcare plan which will make you eligable for 10 sessions. After the sixth session you will need to revisit your GP and they will review for a further four session.

Anxiety and Depression

Depression and anxiety are the most common mental health issues in Australia. If you are suffering you are not alone. The severity of depression and anxiety greatly vary but research on best treatment does not psychotherapy is the best form of treatment for these conditions. We always recommend seeing your GP as your first point of call.

How long will i need therapy?

How long you will need therapy will vary for each individual. Some of the largest studies in the world inicate 10-15 sessions for moderate anxiety 12-18 sessions for moderate depression. Therapy generally is not a quick fix. Usually your treating psychologist will give you a rough time fram of duration required within your first 3 sessions. Your psychologist at Dee Why will be happy to discuss how long they believe roughly therapy maybe needed.