Anxiety is the most common form of mental illness. With an estimated 30-40% of the population in Australia suffering from mild to high levels of the symptom. Although not most symptoms of anxiety are considered problematic there are definatly ways of reducing levels that do not include psycotherapy. Exercice is an amazing way to redcuce anxiety levels, meditation, partcicipation in more group activities. Over the years there has been an increase in reserach towards anxiety and its symptoms.One study found concluded some amazing information on small dogs heavily reducing  anxiety levels.

Their is many different levels of anxiety ranging from mild to severe, it is natural for anyone and everyone to experience some form of anxiety herer and there. Anxiety is generaly considered a problem if it gets in the way of your day to day living.

Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in the world and if you are suffering rest assured you are not alone. Anxiety is a very natural and normal emotion to feel, it is normal for someone suffering from anxiety to withdraw from the person or situation they are feeling their anxiety about. Anxiety is generally classified as short term or long term with moderate anxiety being irregular. A psychologist definatly can help you with your anxiety.

However if the symptoms are severe it is recommended you speak to your doctor and a therapist about the right treatment for you. In Sydney there are some brilliant therapists who specialise in anxiety amd even if your not in our area contact us and we will make a recommendation. In some extreme cases hospitalisation maybe required please call 000 if the situation is an emergency.

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