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Anxiety Northern Beaches

Dealing with anxiety

Dealing with anxiety can be hard there is no doubt about that. Some great tips for self management of anxiety are

  • Regular exercise – the research behind regular exercise and anxiety is not exact or conclusive, however it does clearly point toward exercise being an extremely important factor towards recovery.
  • Meditation – again the research is not clear, our personal beliefs and experience is that it definatly does help.
  • Psychotherapy is without doubt the most effective way of combating and reducing anxiety. GP’s health practitioners and most in the medical field will recommend a course of psychotherapy before prescribing medication unless the anxiety is severe.

Problematic Anxiety

It is normal for people to have feelings of anxiety, it is when the anxiety does not go away that this can become a situation in which one should reach otu for help. Beyond Blue Australias leading anxiety and depression organisation is a great referrance point for anyone looking at supporting information towards their recovery.

Understanding anxiety

Understanding your own anxiety will be a major step in recovery, it can drastically help reduce the sympton if you can identify when it is becoming problematic and what you know you can do to help yourself. One in five Australians will experience anxiety every year.

What causes anxiety ?

The lead causes of anxiety in AUstralia today are work related stress. Other factors include family deposition to mental illness or anxiety. Research also suggests that personality factors play a big part in ones anxiety levels.
Physical health is also thought to be a contributing factor to anxiety. Substance abuse is also thought to play a major part.