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Welcome to spiritual healing through psychic reading telephone healing Australia. If you have considered becoming a full and complete person without your everyday struggles phone psychics are the businesses to contact. With over 15 years of helping those in need, we are the one-stop shop to turn to when it comes to psychic help. Your everyday struggle is nothing uncommon to, thousands of Australians that struggle every day.

How A Phone Psychic Help?

In choosing what type of help you choose, we have tried our very hardest to not discriminate. Many people prefer the option of over the phone sessions with a psychic. In becoming more than just a chop shop for recovery we have chosen to provide everything from tarot readings to astrology.

Saying one practice is better than another is simply misleading, our experience has been that different things work for different people. A lot of people who do not respond well to a clairvoyant and benefit greatly from speaking to a psychic and vice versa. There are many different types of psychic practices such as fortune tellers, crystal ball gazers, mediums etc. Same goes for psychics clairvoyants, mediums, tarot card readings etc.

How do I know who to use?

It is really a matter of trial and error there is no one rule fits all. Different people will respond in many different ways to help from a psychic.

What we generally find is the key component to success is finding the right match from the client to the healer. If you are able to truly connect, open up and be honest you will be able to accelerate the healing process. We find telephone sessions can be a great starting point for many people who find the whole honesty thing hard. It allows you to be anonymous while still revealing the whole truth.

Experiencing healing that is spiritual can be a surprising experience if you have never been through the process before.

Phone psychics are able to fast-track the recovery by tunning into previous life wounds and instinctively knowing what the real problems are.

A medium may take some more time to help with recovery as a detailed brief will be needed that may take several sessions in order to get a complete background analysis of what your wounds in this life are.

Best Time Of The Day To Call A Psychic

Really you can call whenever you want. Calling a live phone psychic for a reading, however, is best done at roughly 10 am – 3 pm as this is when we have more staff answering our calls. If you are looking for a longer booking we ask that you call prior and let us know the length of your call so we can make sure the booking is not overlapping any previously existing appointment. We are always happy to hear feedback and look forward to speaking with you soon.

Psychology On The Northern Beaches

Which Psychologist To Choose From On The Northern Beaches

When choosing a northern beaches psychologist expert it is important to keep in mind a few factors:

  • how long have they been practicing one on one psychology
  • do you get along with the therapist
  • do you feel you can be 100% honest with them
  • are they able to provide a Medicare rebate

From the moment you walk in to see a psychologist, you are spending your hard earned money. You really want the very best service money can provide in mental health. It is important to know that your therapist has been practicing one on one therapy from a reasonable amount of time and that your mental wellbeing is in good and experienced hands. Simply ask the psychologist you wish to see they won’t lie to you and are bound by law to be honest at all times.

Why You Should Try Therapy With A Psychologist

There are many different types of mental health care experts that provide one on one therapy:

  • Counsellor
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Life Coach
  • Psychiatrist
  • Registered Psychologist
  • Religious Guru

A counsellor is someone who has done a course that will somewhat equal to a tafe course. Although they can provide good therapy usually their skill set is missing in diagnosis.

A clinical psychologist has up to 5 years extra training and is often thought to be the choice of the bunch when it comes to one on one therapy.

A life coach usually will have some type of psychological training. However the law does not insist they have any formal qualification. We have the recommendation of being very cautious.

A psychiatrist can and will provide one on one psychological help through talk therapy. Their main purpose and role is to diagnose and provide information to a psychologist who is able to see the client more regularly. They are also able to prescribe medication.

A registered psychologist has usually 3 years of a university degree under their belt and are experts on one on one talk therapy.

A religious guru can be of great help but again be very cautious.

There are many different choices on the northern beaches of practitioners to receive help from. We recommend seeing a psychologist for most mental health conditions that you need help with.

If you are going through a divorce, having anxiety issues get in touch with a local psychologist today.

A psychologist can help with the following

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Drug and alcohol addiction
  • Phobias
  • Mood swings
  • Relationship problems
  • Children

If you are not sure if you really need to see a psychologist we always recommend speaking to your local or regular GP. They are usually the first port of call and will also be able to recommend a psychologist they have used before that is an expert in the mental health issues you are currently facing.





Psychic TV

We aravailablele for mediumistic readings by private appointment. They also offer a number of free services for people in need.

We give free help to the severely bereaved. Invited guests are selected from the general public and are given substantial proof that life contiunies beyond the grave. Craig and his mediums will link to the spirit for you. If you have lost a loved one you are welcome to apply.

More of  our work with charity, spiritual healing and consultations is found here.TV Psychics Psychic television

Love is the path. Start the day with love. Spend the day with Love.
Fill the day with Love. End the day with Love. This is the way to God.


We fund a free online community called Delphi where they work together with many other volunteers to give online proof of life after death. Everyone that works on this project does so on a voluntary basis. In the public area of Delphi is offered emotional support via the free chat rooms. Here free mediumistic readings are availble online. Our community also includes free forums where people can post questions about issues that worry them. Aproximately once a month a free online Spiritualist Service is held in Delphi which includes online talks, meditations and demostrations of mediumship.
Go to Delphi Psychic Community


We run a Spiritual group called “The Circle of Light” that meets regularly to help young people to develop into mediums. Craig’s circles have been running 15 years and there is no charge other than sharing the cost of the venue. The latest group was filmed as part of a BBC documentrary about mediumship. The Circle of Light has progressed now and many of the participants are fully developed mediums. Some meetings also include deep trace who says: “I believe that the development of spiritual powers is just one of the group’s goals. Behind these gifts lies something of much greater value, and that is God Realisation.”


For bereaved people who cannot afford a fee, Craig offers the opportunity to be a guest at “The Circle of Light”. This is currently held in Eastleigh, Hampshire UK. The Circle of Light is an advanced group and his mediums give clear evidence of survival. It is a non-profit event and places are reserved for people with good intent and a pressing need to know that life goes on after death. To apply to be the guest at the group you will need to complete the online form.
Apply to be guest at circle.


For many years we never charged for their private readings. Both had incomes from their careers – as a SEN psychiatric nurse and we as the MD of our own advertising agency. At one point, we had 14 employee’s to manage with pressing deadlines from his clients that included Zurich Life, MGM Assurance, Esso Petroleum, and British Airways. The money was rolling in and they were set on a very affluent course but the time needed for spiritual work was running short.

Fifteen years ago, we abandoned the corporate world and closed down his thriving business to follow a spiritual path. We substantially reduced their material needs, sold their Jaguar cars and sacrificed many of their assets to now rely on the very limited income. The forces driving them to live a spiritual life brought the couple some very hard financial times indeed.

Now things are different but may people are still quick to judge and say that mediums should not charge. But if we had not made this career choice, it would mean that there would be no inspired books, no TV shows, no website comminity, no psychic school, and a great many people would still not have the comforting proof that life is eternal.


We do limited consultations by private appointmentThey also give readings for small groups who can share the costs of a hotel venue. Private consultations with Jane are held at their home in Eastleigh Hampshire, Craig works from a Therapy Centre. Because of the exhausting nature of mediumship, it is only possible to accept a few readings a week and there is ineviatably a waiting list. However, rather than book months or years in advan,ce the mediums consider the applications once a week. You are welcome to re-apply if you do not hear from them on the first attempt.

You can book via the online readings website where you can also find out about other recommended psychics and mediums who are availble now. 

Discover Our Psychics


Craig and Jane were the first psychic mediums to successfully demonstrate clairvoyance on mainstream UK Television. Their psychic TV work has included the Spirit of Princess Diana Seance that, according to a report in the Guardian, was seen by 30 million viewers world-wide. Craig and Jane were the resident psychics for Channel 4 TV’s ‘The Big Breakfast’ and stars of a major BBC series Talking to the Dead.

Psychics Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker’s TV work takes them all over the world. Researchers & Producers are welcome to contact Craig to discuss new programme ideas or PRprojects. 
TV Psychics Psychic televisionContact info…

“Never before has there been a husband and wife psychic team that can work with such astonishing accuracy.” Paul Sherrat, Associated American Television


Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker are pioneers of Psychic Television. They were the first to demonstrate mediumship on British TV which until very recently was hampered by what was the ITC. The ITC forbade mediumistic demonstrations which were classed as ‘occult necromancy’.

Fortunately, things have changed and in this more tolerant age, mediumship is permitted on cable TV and now more so on mainstream TV.


Craig and Jane have many years of experience talking about psychic gifts and demonstrating them, to camera. They are both demonstrators and presenters. They have had a great many appearances on top programmes around the world but, as yet, have not had their own show.

The tide has turned to allow more mediumistic and psychic programming and the public are hungry for more. Perhaps it’s time you discovered Craig & Jane… before someone else does!


Craig & Jane are a family orientated, married couple and believe in the importance and sanctity of the family – some of their relations are also mediums and so too some of their children. The Daily Mail dubbed them: ‘The Psychic Family’

Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker are intelligent, have bubbly personalities, are not camera shy. They have worked in the UK and around the world and particularly in America. They have been working with paranormal programming for many years and were two of the first mediums to bring this sort of programming to mainstream TV. They can talk intelligently about Ghost Hunting, Dreams, and the Paranormal. Craig also runs an Psychic School and teaches young people to develop their psychic abilities.

Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker have also worked with investigative programming hunting down ghosts, revealing the source of legends and enjoy working with archaeologists and the police.


Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker first made their name on the UK morning programme ‘The Big Breakfast’. They appeared from week 1 and had a year-long weekly spot predicting ‘Next Week’s News Today’ with Paula Yates as their anchorperson.

The limitations of the ITC rulings meant that for a long time Craig and Jane were only able to do entertainment programming including chat shows, debates, and challenges. They have given demonstrations – sometimes on live TV- of telepathy, clairvoyance, psychometry and mediumship. Sometimes it goes wrong- such as the hilarious antics with psychic pets on live TV, but Craig and Jane are professional people and can turn a potential disaster into good TV.
More detail of programmes and full CV.


Recently Craig and Jane were the subject of a three part documentary for the BBC Everyman documentaries which showcased Craig & Jane’s work as mediums. They also followed the progress of students at Craig’s Psychic School. This was an investigative programme which asked whether Craig and Jane’s work comforts the bereaved or tells people what they want to hear in troubled times. On balance, Craig and Jane were shown to work with integrity and give very accurate proof that life continues beyond the grave.
More info on the Paranormal Investigations section


Craig and Jane have worked with TV channels from around the world with special programmes made for Iceland, Greece, France, Australia, Canada and South Korea. They have done a lot of TV work for American TV and were trusted to be the mediums to do the live TV seance to contact the Spirit of Princess Diana. The programme was seen by 30 million people worldwide and now has its own website. Click the image to see some of the press reports.